Saturday, November 14, 2015

Artist Tracy Ellyn and The Zen Tov Project are Proud to Support Team Nat Foundation in its Fight Against Neuroendocrine Cancer

Artist Tracy Ellyn and The Zen Tov Project are proud to support The Team Nat Foundation in its fight against Neuroendocrine Cancer

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Zen Tov Project Sending Artists 4 Israel's Healing Arts Kits to Israel and Paris

The Zen Tov Project for Healing Through the Arts proudly supports Artists 4 Israel and their Healing Arts Kits. These art therapy kits are being sent to Israel and Paris to help the children who are suffering from ptsd due to the ongoing terrorist conflicts in both places. Fundraising helps send each kit for only $30. 

The Speaker of the Knesset described Artists 4 Israel's mission as: “one of the most creative, innovative and effective Israel advocacy organizations today.” 

Executive Director Craig Dershowitz has won numerous international awards, and is responsible for the infamous Healing Arts Kits we are sending. Lauren Perlman of Healing Paris distributes A4I's Healing Arts Kits in Paris and beyond. Artist Tracy Ellyn is the coordinator of this project in the Miami area.

We are heartbroken over the news in Israel and Paris. Help protect a child from chronic ptsd by sending a kit today. We make zero profit from this endeavor. 

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Photo credit: Artists 4 Israel