Saturday, November 14, 2015

Artist Tracy Ellyn and The Zen Tov Project are Proud to Support Team Nat Foundation in its Fight Against Neuroendocrine Cancer

Artist Tracy Ellyn and The Zen Tov Project are proud to support The Team Nat Foundation in its fight against Neuroendocrine Cancer

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Zen Tov Project Sending Artists 4 Israel's Healing Arts Kits to Israel and Paris

The Zen Tov Project for Healing Through the Arts proudly supports Artists 4 Israel and their Healing Arts Kits. These art therapy kits are being sent to Israel and Paris to help the children who are suffering from ptsd due to the ongoing terrorist conflicts in both places. Fundraising helps send each kit for only $30. 

The Speaker of the Knesset described Artists 4 Israel's mission as: “one of the most creative, innovative and effective Israel advocacy organizations today.” 

Executive Director Craig Dershowitz has won numerous international awards, and is responsible for the infamous Healing Arts Kits we are sending. Lauren Perlman of Healing Paris distributes A4I's Healing Arts Kits in Paris and beyond. Artist Tracy Ellyn is the coordinator of this project in the Miami area.

We are heartbroken over the news in Israel and Paris. Help protect a child from chronic ptsd by sending a kit today. We make zero profit from this endeavor. 

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Photo credit: Artists 4 Israel

Monday, May 18, 2015

Local Artist Tracy Ellyn Aids the 'Healing Paris' Project

This article appeared in several Miami newspapers this past week. Many thanks to #Gary Ruse for reporting, and to #Craig Dershowitz, CEO and Executive Director of #Artists 4 Israel, who creates and distributes the Healing Arts Kits to children suffering in Israel and Paris. Also a thank you to #Lauren Perlman, founder of the #Healing Paris leg of this endeavor.

The article appears on Page 17 of several issues: We hope you will join us by sending a kit.
Local Artist Tracy Ellyn Aids the 'Healing Paris' Project
Local Artist Tracy Ellyn Aids the 'Healing Paris' Project
Local Artist Tracy Ellyn Aids the 'Healing Paris' Project
Local Artist Tracy Ellyn Aids the 'Healing Paris' Project

Many thanks,
Tracy Ellyn

Zen Tov Project's Tracy Ellyn Creates Healing Art Memorial to Honor Steven Sotloff

The Steven Sotloff Memorial that I made and submitted to the Steven Joel Sotloff Memorial 2Lives Foundation has been unveiled. May it bring solace to his family, honor to his memory, and changes in Washington DC regarding hostage policies.

Here are some YouTube links:
Steven Sotloff Memorial Artwork by Tracy Ellyn Commemorates Life Of Slain Journalist - CBS News
Steven Sotloff Memorial by Tracy Ellyn Unveiled - ABC News

There are more, but these should suffice for now.

You may visit the Steven Sotloff Memorial 2 Lives Foundation here. Please consider supporting the important work they are doing locally, nationally and internationally.

Artist Tracy Ellyn's Refuah Series Benefits The Zen Tov Project

100% of the proceeds from the sale of a piece from Tracy Ellyn's Refuah series benefit The Zen Tov Project. The piece pictured on this invitation has sold, but there are more in the series.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Tracy Ellyn and The Zen Tov Project Partnering with Greenspoon Marder Foundation

The Zen Tov Project is proud to be partnering with Greenspoon Marder Foundation's Community Arts Partnership (CAP), along with other fine partners such as The Dan Marino Foundation, Casa Valentina, the Steven Sotloff Memorial 2Lives Foundation, Here's Help, Young At Art Museum, Life Quest Foundation, Ann Storck Center, ARC Broward, and The Fund 4 Design & Art Education.

Greenspoon Marder Foundation's Community Arts Partnership (CAP)'s goal is to develop long-term partnerships, raise awareness and generate funding for the arts in our local communities. CAP supports artistic expression through all avenues of art and works to advocate the primal essence of art for individuals in need, dissolve the barriers of communication and unite the community as a whole.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Tracy Ellyn and The Zen Tov Project Coordinating Healing Paris and Artists 4 Israel Initiatives

Artist Tracy Ellyn and The Zen Tov Project are proud to be part of the Healing Paris and Artists 4 Israel initiatives. This effort has been named as one of Israel's top 15 innovations. We help the Miami area supply Healing Arts Kits to children suffering from ptsd after the recent and ongoing terrorist attacks in both Paris and Israel. If you would like to contribute toward some kits, or if you are a school, synagogue, healthcare provider, or other non-profit organization in the Miami area, and would like to be involved in this tremendous endeavor, please contact us at Tracy Ellyn/Healing Paris/Artists4Israel-Miami Area. Please visit and for truly heartwarming photos and further information on this important work. Save a life via the arts today! Thank you!

Tracy Ellyn

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Zen Tov Project Soon to Work with Ukraine to Treat Soldiers and Children with PTSD

Here is our new logo for The Zen Tov Project, founded in 1996. Please visit our website at, click on Foundation. There you will see the work that we do to help through therapeutic art initiatives. We will be partnering with some excellent non-profit organizations in the next few weeks, to be announced soon. We also plan an art therapy trip to Ukraine, to bring therapeutic art experiences to the soldiers and children from the war conflict there who are suffering with PTSD. Looking forward to bringing good news, one human being at a time. 

Thank you,
Tracy Ellyn